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GO Logos & Branding Guidelines

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GO Logo Teal:


GO Branding Guidelines

Good Oak Real Estate (GO) takes pride in their brand and the brand elements need to be respected and stay intact via all marketing materials associated with GO.


ALL MARKETING MATERIAL MUST BE APPROVED BY MARY ANN SHRYACK ( PRIOR TO ORDERING/PRINTING/DISTRIBUTING. This includes, but is not limited to, your social media sites, business cards, email signatures, websites, fliers, etc.

Logo & Advertising Guidelines 

All advertising shall clearly identify the Sales Associate and the Company (i.e., Good Oak Real Estate).

All advertising shall comply with Fair Housing requirements, and the Fair Housing logo shall be at all times clearly displayed.

All advertising shall include the name “Good Oak Real Estate” in a clear and conspicuous manner.

The GO logo must be clear and prominent on all marketing materials.

Logo Color Specifications

The GO logo should only be presented in full brand color where applicable. The logo can be used in white, black, gray and teal only. 

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